Deleter is a Japanese brand of paper made for comics. It comes in a range of sizes and weights – including one in the standard postcard format – that I have used at times. Here is a scan of the label/info sheet that was included in the package. And like any product one purchases, it […]

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When surnames get strange…

Odd names have long been a source of humour. Rock musicians, for example, make use of them. (Wonder whatever happened to Chuck Roast, drummer for that California punk group Suburban Lawns?) And they turn up in other places as well. Recently came across this postcard of Finnish family names: They’ve included a significant number of […]

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Ryska smörgåsbord

Here’s a great postcard image of a creepy crawly promoting a Russian art buffet. The group show was presented in Stockholm in the spring of 2015. Unfortunately the art group, which was founded in Saint-Petersburg at the turn of the millennium, doesn’t seem to be active any more.

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Puzzle Cards

There’s some sort of juvenile fun that accompanies finding and playing with such cards. Here I’m showing two kinds. The first example involves turning discs to re-arrange people’s faces. The second example is a jigsaw puzzle type. I have occasionally seen blank jigsaw puzzle postcards available in stores. The pieces can be coloured with markers. […]

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Willie Bester

Willie Bester’s a South African artist who makes works that may appear playful – deceptively so at first glance – but harrowing when one gets into looking at them. He recycles materials to produce art that tackles issues of a social, political and historical nature. In certain ways it parallels the art produced by Mozambique’s […]

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Arrogant Bird

The bird is heading south. Sure it’s the wrong time of year, but this bird is arrogant. It doesn’t pay attention to things like what time of year it is. While other birds are preparing to head north, this bird will be heading in the opposite direction. It’s hard to be sure why it’s going […]

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Throne of Weapons

Leafing through the shoe box collection of postcards revealed this card a good friend sent me a decade or so ago. It’s rather astounding. Most probably a very well known object: a chair made out of decommissioned weapons. The work was purchased by the British Museum in 2002. The publication produced by the museum for […]

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