This blog is about postcards – postcards as art projects, postcards that document art projects as well as postcards that may be witty, offhanded, intentionally moronic or just offer a some unique take on life.

Regarding cabobble, not everyone agrees on the word’s meaning.

The Free Dictionary‘s definition of cabobble: To mystify, puzzle, or confuse.

The Urban Dictionary‘s definition of cabobble: Things that are, sporadic, messy, disorganized, or crazy events.

For more info on the author (formerly listed as richpim), check this link: jG.

This blog is also about mail art (sometimes called correspondence art or postal art). To find out more, you can do searches on the subject. There are libraries, museums, research institutes and collection centres that hold examples or documentation of this kind of art. Information can be found through the Mail Art Exhibition Documentation Collection, The Getty Research Institute or some of the Internet search engines.

Groups involved in mail art include the Postcard Collective and International Union of Mail Artists (IUOMA).






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