Unfinished Business – The Joy of Learning

What to do? Of course I knew it was coming ever since agreeing to participate, but the announcement of the latest mail art exchange theme still caused me to feel a bit jittery and revved up at the same time. Best not to think about it too much I thought. Just get busy doing something.

And that’s what I did. Finding that I needed to work in a more tactile fashion this time round I grabbed some paper and took to using a marker, scissors and some glue.

Scans of the resulting set of postcards are all posted here.

no 1no 2no 3no 4no 5no 6no 7no 8no 9no 10no 11no 12no 13no 14no 15no 16no 17no 18no 19no 20no 21no 22no 23no 24no 25no 26no 27no 28no 29no 30no 31no 32no 33no 34no 35no 36no 37no 38no 39no 40no 41no 42no 44no 43


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