Peel & Stick

Just put the latest batch of postcards in the mail today. They’re heading to various destinations. Hope each makes it to where it’s going.

Peel & Stick 1
every which way

In case you can’t tell, all are made using some peel & stick lettering that’s been sitting in a file folder for ages.

Peel & Stick 2
The Three Witches

Some sort of weak strategy also lies behind the destinations chosen and the suggestions indicated by the titles.

Peel & Stick 3

I  like the way that the material, which rises off  the surface of the standard postcard size paper, also creates shadows. This combined with the way the scanner picks up the nap or surface texture of the paper gives a slight fuzzy quality these images.

Peel & Stick 4

Part of the aim is to simultaneously allow these symbols to be recognisable and also skirt that recognisability.


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