Floating Staircase

I can’t remember where I bought this postcard but, for just 60 cents, it was definitely good  value.


It documents a wonderful contemporary project. A surreal construct that proved a logistical nightmare and financial burden for the artist. It required a massive amount of material and couldn’t be moved around very easily. Moreover, once it hit the water, it couldn’t stay there. It had to housed somewhere else for the winter.


It’s lifespan was short – approximately 3 years in length. It was impossible to find a permanent home for this 24 foot (7.5 metre) high, 5 ton monster, so Tom Dean set fire to his work and that was that.

It lives on as a set of charred fragments, which have been exhibited in a number of galleries. There are some wonderful images of it burning online.

For more information on its afterlife, check these sites:  Mercer Union and University of Lethbridge Art Gallery


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