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Call them what you will: wiggly eyes, googly eyes, toggle eyes, jiggly eyes, shaky eyes… This seemingly ubiquitous product comes in a range of sizes and makes it simple to anthropomorphise all sorts of objects to exaggerate their appearance.

The eyes capture my attention because they are inherently ridiculous. They quickly convert virtually any innocent object, be it a cactus, fresh fruit or vegetable, into a lummox or nerd.

The Barcelona artist/designer Mikel Jaso delivers a twist and uses them to define love in this guise. The googly eyes in his image simultaneously suggest magnetic attraction and the kind of blindness brought on by romance.

Mark Mothersbaugh’s use of googly eyes in his postcard recall his own nerdy appearance. The postcard conveys this idea of nerdiness so well, in fact, that the eyes’ presence appears to make sense. The fact that two different sizes of eyes were used enhances the image’s impact by creating an odd kind of perspective.

Both images convey their makers’ delightfully wry sense of humour.

Mikel Jaso, Romance, postcard version of his self published print. © Mikel Jaso.
Mark Mothersbaugh, Untitled, November 10, 1996. From ‘Mark Mothersbaugh’s Collected Facts and Lies’ postcards. Published by Princeton Architectural Press. © 2014 Mark Mothersbaugh

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