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Perhaps the only thing better than a single postcard is a set of them – especially when they’re suitably disjointed, ludicrous or just plain odd.

Postcards by David Shrigley, the well known British artist, certainly fit the bill. He’s produced multiple sets. The topics of these sets range from ‘Joy’ to ‘Evil Thoughts’. Other titles include ‘Rules’, ‘An Interesting and Exciting Selection of Postcards’ and ’25 Postcards for Writing On’. But how many images has he produced?

Mark Mothersbaugh, on the other hand has been producing postcards for a long, long time – seemingly since birth. It is said he’s produced over 30,000. (Who counted them?) They’re equally – and delightfully, in fact – offbeat.

Both men produce a wide array of images. The style of their pictures tend to be quite distinct. But sometimes – okay, maybe rarely – one recalls the other’s work. Here’s a pairing I recently came across. For some reason the turnip reminded of the bulbous chicken. Or, it might have been the other way round (not sure anymore). See if you think there’s a connection:

Mr. Turnip
David Shrigley: Mr. Turnip, 2007. From the set ’25 Postcards for Business and Domestic Use’. Published by Polite Cards.
Mark Mothersbaugh: Untitled, February 7, 2013. From the set ‘Mark Mothersbaugh: Collected Facts and Lies’ postcards. Published by Princeton Architectural Press. © 2014 Mark Mothersbaugh

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