Fumbling with printers

Fumbling 1Fumbling 2Fumbling 3

Trying to make postcards using a computer can introduce a unique set of foibles.

Just when everything seems to be ready to go, a software update or printer malfunction side rails the project. It causes the desired result to be skewed or the printer no longer accepts the type of paper you have been using.

Then human error also plays its role.

Not only can fumbling with printer the settings create unexpected changes in scale or hue, but the unintentional double printing of images also produces surprising pictorial relationships.

Such outcomes occasionally push me to try and salvage the results, but – more often than not – the additional drawing and collaging just makes matters worse. These experiments end up being trashed.

The quirkiness of the most recent spate of printing mistakes, though, has caused me to view things from a different perspective. These goofs have supplied a veritable artistic kick in the butt. In addition to telling me to approach the process with a more open mind, I’m finding the idiosyncrasies have a definite visual appeal.




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