Wishing you were here….

Here’s proof that a postcard can pack a lot in a small package:


Pamela Popeson, a preparator in MOMA‘s Department of Architecture and Design, blogged about a stunning collection of Bauhaus  that recently entered MOMA’s collection.

She also expresses regret that today next to no postcards, whether that be a one-of-a-kind artist creation or massed produced souvenir image, arrive in her letter box.

Moreover, she brings attention to the word ‘deltiology‘. That’s the term for postcard collecting.

Her text highlights the fact that exhibition announcements in postcard form have largely vanished. Replaced by electronic transmissions containing excess verbiage, they rob us of an experience that is tactile as much as visual.


Then, in Hyperallergenic, Allison Meier notes how Architecture and Design Curator Juliet Kinchin reminds us how these artists were drawn to exploring means of mass production and new print media. Producing one-off creations does not seem to have been a priority for them.

Lastly, the designs represent the school’s radical ideas before its identity became firmly established. From today’s perspective the Bauhaus look is easily recognised. It seems standardised.

See more at these posts: Having a Wonderful Time at the Bauhaus Exhibition in Weimar, 1923 and The Exuberant Postcard of the First Bauhaus Exhibition.



Hyperallergic: Lyonel Feininger “Bauhaus Ausstellung Weimar Juli–Sept, 1923, Karte 1″ (1923), lithograph, 5 7/8 × 3 15/16 inches

HyperallergicKurt Schmidt, “Bauhaus Ausstellung Weimar Juli–Sept, 1923, Karte 19″ (1923), lithograph, 5 7/8 × 3 15/16 inches




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