Changing X’s

Created for one of the Postcard Collective‘s seasonal exchanges, these postcards present an image of a blocked arched passage. Each was printed with an X (in a range of five colours) positioned over the inserted barrier.


A loopy line, drawn freehand in black marker, also ran horizontally across the blank space at the bottom of each  card.


The ‘X’ was chosen because of the way it is used to mark locations. Moreover it represents ‘exclusion’ and, because of the changing colours, plays with the structure of ‘exchange’. It reverses the syllables of the word.

The loopy line added below the image refers to a river near the site. Like the opening in the wall, it is no longer accessible. Its course lies buried beneath the city’s buildings and roads.


For me, the closing of passages and the loss of river access were somehow linked to an excerpt from Franz Kafka‘s story Das Urteil (The Judgement). To reflect these changes in the city’s life I chose to reword it and include that version on the reverse side of the postcards.


Instead of “In diesem Augenblick ging über die Brücke ein geradezu unendlicher Verkehr,” it describes the opposite situation: “In diesen Augenblick kein Verkehr ging unter die Brücke.”


Translation: “In this moment no traffic goes under the bridge.”

The statement reflects a temporary situation. The judgements referred to are not permanent. Change begets change.


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