Scenic Landmarks of Toronto

These postcards produced by Coach House Press document 2 of the characters visible in downtown Toronto back in the 1970s. The Queen of Sweden would appear wearing various kinds of garb. She’s been seen, for example, wearing a Christmas tree garland around her head. Alex the Holy was something entirely different. He would wheeze quite […]

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These 2 French postcards confuse me. They seem like photos documenting common family events, but the members are all too joyfull and just too carefully posed. The back holds next to no information. A serial number, a monogramme that could be ARL, ARS or AR plus another letter and the word ‘bromure’ is the only […]

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Heli Konttinen is an artist who has wondered why we, as people, are the way we are- especially why negligence, selfishness and greed seem to trounce wisdom in the way we live. This invitation postcard stems from her exhibitions Research Centre of Ordinary People carried out in Finland and Sweden in 2009 and 2010. The […]

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Paper Cut-out Models

There’s something wonderfully dreamy about paper cut-out models. They inspire the imagination through the possibility of realisation by putting something together with one’s own hands. The result is a small facsimile of some object or structure. In postcard format they supply rather cheap and uncomplicated miniatures for that personal curiosity cabinet or spot on the […]

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Visions of Europe

Here’s word of another postcard project for lovers of  mail art. This time it’s my own. It’s called Visions of Europe and anyone can participate. All received work will be posted at the project’s blog and an exhibition is also in the works. For additional info check out the announcement on the International Union of Mail […]

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Dead Zoo

Dubliners often refer to their natural history museum as the Dead Zoo. The artist duo of Özlem Günyol/Mustafa Kunt – both born in Turkey and based in Frankfurt, Germany – borrowed this term for an alternative form of animal classification: military as opposed to scientific categorisation. In describing the work they state “Animals have been […]

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